The project is located in Iraq at the town of Karbala about 100 km southwest of Baghdad. The scope of the project involves the design of a 10 lanes dual highway and the upgrade of the existing Karbala – Baghdad highway to a 10 lanes dual highway. Brief description of the project:

  • 12 km of highway and 48m width Hilla – Karbala.
  • 2 service roads 16m width each and 15km long each one, located on both sides of  the highway
  • Design of 2 major interchanges. (one of them is a three level intersection)
  • Design of 2 roundabouts.
  • 3 km dual flyover of 48m width along the highway Hilla – Karbala.
  • 1 km dual flyover of 48m width along the highway Karbala – Baghdad
  • 3 over bridges crossing the Razzaza – Hilla highway
  • 2 over bridges crossing  the Karbala – Baghdad highway
  • 22 rivers, canals and drains crossing the highway of Hilla – Karbala and Karbala – Baghdad accommodated in box culverts and single spans (15m -22m) bridges.

Furthermore the project consist the following works:

  • Drainage Design.
  • Retaining Walls.
  • Pile Design.
  • Reinforced Earth.
  • Vertical and Horizontal marking.
  • Land Acquisition drawings.
  • Bill of Quantities takeoff.
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