Roads & Drainage

The project concerns the Survey, Investigation, Assessment and Project Designs for the improvement of the Kato Pyrgos/Asagi Pirgo – Limnitis / Yesilirmak Road in Cyprus and it involves two distinct outputs.

There are two section of the road:

  •  Section A: About 2.2 kilometres located in the United Nations controlled Buffer Zone.
  • Section B: About 4.5 kilometres located in the northern part of Cyprus; of this about up to 1km will be of new road constructed on the land and about 3.5 km will be improvement of the existing road asphalt & dirt road.

The existing road stretches are a narrow road of an average width of asphalt surface of some 3 meters from the 1930s-40s.  Some section of the road are dirt road.  These roads have not been used for regular and normal vehicular traffic since 1974 except for agricultural purposes.

The cross section will be type C2 which comprise 6m circulatory pavement, 1m each side of the pavement of paved shoulders and 1m each side of ditches.

The design velocity will be 50km/hour.  The maximum curve radius will be between 120 and 350m and in some areas due to the specific and existing restrictions the curve radius will be smaller than the previous mentioned.

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