Nicosia – Palaixori Highway


The scope of the project involves the upgrade of an existing dual carriageway road to an 4 lane highway. The project is located at Nicosia district area and starts from the 7+000 km of Nicosia Ring highway and ends at the junction to Kalo Xorio village. The project consists of a 12 km of main highway and approximately 7 km of secondary and service roads. Furthermore the project consist the following works:

  • Design of two bridges.
  • Design of three over bridges.
  • Design of three underpasses.
  • Design of interchanges.
  • Design of one round about.
  • Drainage Design.
  • Retaining Walls.
  • Pile Design.
  • Reinforced Earth.
  • Design of box culverts.
  • Vertical and Horizontal marking.
  • Land Acquisition drawings.
  • Bill of Quantities takeoff.
  • Tender documents preparation.
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