Neocleous Office


The new proposed mixed use tower will be actively considered in conjunction with key inherent design parameters such as local climate conditions, site, energy consumption, materials, construction method and future market needs.

The concept recognises the urgency to respond to the city’s social need by enhancing the urban public realm. An important challenging aspect of the design is to accommodate an integrated design strategy that would encompass architecture, landscape, structure and

building services in a joined up effort that would result in an integrated building design with an enhanced energy performance.

The tower consists of 18 stories above ground level. A podium base consisting of 1 office lobby with double height floor, 1 retail banking unit + 1 mezzanine, 2 mechanical plant floors, 1 double height auditorium,  1 ADR centre floor;  An office tower including 11 floors and 1 apartment floor; and a double height Business Club. A first garden terrace separates the podium base from the office tower and a second terrace separates the office body from the business club. A framed garden roof sits above the business and dominates the Limassol skyline.

The main design considerations focused on during the concept design of the tower have been the following:

  •  A lateral force-resisting system for the tower to control deflections and building motion due to relatively high wind and earthquakes loads, which suits the architectural layout of the office levels and the desired views.
  •  A cost effective and constructible floorplate solution for the tower levels, which is as lightweight as possible to minimise seismic loads on the building, and which integrates easily with the building services solution.
  •  A podium structural solution which respects its dynamic cantilevering architectural concept and the lateral force-resisting system for the rest of the tower.
  •  A basement structure with a minimum retaining wall thickness at the B1 level to maximise the available basement area for car parking and circulation, while maintaining the most cost effective and time efficient construction sequence.
  •  A foundation solution suitable to the building loads and the strata expected from the reviewed available geotechnical site information.
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