Neocleous Residential Building


The Neocleolus Luxury Apartments site project is located in Limassol, at the corner of Riga Feraiou Street and Konstantinou Palaiologou Street. It is in close proximity of Makarios Roundabout.

The site is rectangular in shape with dimensions of roughly 24 metres wide by 84 metres long, running perpendicular to Riga Feraiou Street. The area of the site is 2046 sqm.

The project is a residential building with a public car parking located on three basement levels. It includes the following components:

  •  Ground floor lobby entrance to the apartment block.
  •   Private surface car parking for the residents and occasional visitors only.
  •  Mechanical VRV plant located at the back of the building on the southern facade.
  •  Luxury apartment with exclusive living space above the ground floor distributed over six floors.
  •  Public car parking to fulfil the requirements of the public parking incentive. This component is a transferred incentive associated with the Necleolus tower project which is located 80 metres the the east on Konstantinou Palaiologou Street. The new residential project which will be part of  a joint planning submission with the new proposed Necleolus office tower.
  •  Public passenger lift serving the public car parking only. It is located at the corner of Riga Feraiou Street and Konstantinou Palaiologou Street. This is in addition to two fire escape staircases linking the basement to the ground floor.

The main design considerations focused on during the concept design for the apartments have been:

  •  A lateral force-resisting structure that allows efficient apartment layouts.
  •  Controlling deflections and building motion from earthquake loads.
  •   A cost effective and constructible floor plate solution that gives adequate diaphragm action during earthquakes.
  •  A coordinated column grid above and below ground level that avoids the need for transfer structures yet is suited to the vehicle circulation at ground floor and in the basement.
  •  A basement structure with a cost effective and time efficient construction sequence.
  •  A foundation solution suitable for the building loads and the strata expected from the reviewed available geotechnical site information.
  •  A structural solution that is architecturally integrated.
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