Solomou Square

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The aim of the project is the configuration transfer station – level Solomou square.

The objective of the project is to create a modern local station transit city buses.

The area of Solomou Square the project includes:

  •  The reconfiguration of traffic-plan of the area, in order to separate the movement of private vehicles from the bus and the concentration of staging area bus across a central island.
  •  The construction of a single cab to central island, which will incorporate and bus stops, thus providing adequate protection for passengers from both the sun and the rain.
  •  The construction of new pavements, islands, pedestrian crossings for the safe movement of pedestrians.
  •  The reconstruction of the roads of the square.
  • The undergrounding all services of general interest electricity, telecommunications and new road lighting.
  •  Installing of new traffic lights.
  •  The reconstruction of 2 existing pavilions.
  •  The construction cycle rental place.
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