Project Details

Mekorot and Netcom
Project Type
Infrastructure | Sewerage treatment Plant/Desalination Plant

The Consortium of Companies Mekorot (Water Company of Israel) and Netcom (PLC Cyprus Company) have been awarded the project for the “Design, Build, Operate and Maintain a Desalination Plant, of a Nominal Capacity of 40.000m3/day, and supply the desalinated water, for a period of 20 years, to the Client – The Water Development Department of Cyprus

The desalination plant’s nominal capacity of desalinated water per day is 40,000m3/day, with provision for extension to 60,000m3/day, and the quality of the water produced shall be in accordance with EU regulations and standards. The sea water is drawn from an open sea intake by gravity. The process of Desalination involves six main stages defined below :

  1. Sea water Intake
  2. Ultra Filtration per treatment process units
  3. High Pressure, Reverse Osmosis process stage
  4. Boron Removal, Ion Exchanged process stage
  5. Remineralisation stage using Limestone Reactors
  6. Chemical adjustment of water, storage and pumping of product water to the client

The product water is pumped via a main conveyor of 9Km to the Ypsonas WDD reservoir at 160m height. The brine waste from the Desalination Plant is discharged by gravity into the sea at a convenient point, 1.2 km from the shore away from the intake structure in such a way so that the quality of the sea water feed is not affected.

The Pre-treatment uses an advanced and compact method of Ultra Filtration membranes. Limassol Plant is the largest UF – RO Plant of its kind in Europe. In order recover most of the energy an  Energy recovery stage is required which recovers more than 95% of the energy. The energy supply is entirely from Electricity Authority of Cyprus, (EAC) at 11 KV 50 HZ.

Further more  there are steel structural pipe racks carrying water pipes, base of pumps, trust blocks pipe line (5km force main).