Structural Engineering

Over 40 years of experience in Structural Engineering our expertise makes it possible for architects to realize their aesthetic visions, and for our clients to meet their commercial and operational goals.
All the core of our structural services are to provide them in role ranging from lead consultant to specialist services through all stages scheme planning, detailed and construction phases.
Our experience include seismic design, peer review and value engineering, structural investigation, building renovations, construction inspections and BIM.
Our team has experience in various development projects such us:

    • Seismic analysis and Design of structures
    • Assessment and retrofitting of existing structures
    • High Rise buildings
    • Temporary structures
    • Silo
    • Underground structures
    • Bridges
    • Tanks

Geotechnical Engineering

Our Geotechnical Design team has strong design and engineering expertise to support the most fundamental aspect of every project temporary and permanent works including shallow and deep foundations, retaining structures, embankments and earthworks.

Understanding the behaviour of earth’s materials and their impact on a construction project, we provide the most economical solution.

One of the most important design issue is the seismic performance and our experience Engineers make sure to design it accordance with building codes and regulations.

Our team has experience in various development projects such us:

      • Shallow and deep foundation
      • Deep excavations and lateral support
      • Ground improvement
      • Slope stability analysis
      • Retaining structures Design
      • Dewatering analysis
      • Reinforced earth Design

Infrastructures Engineering

Our Infrastructure Design team has the experience and the skills to carry out challenging projects.

Designing Infrastructures needs a variety of engineering skills which our office can provide.

Our team has experience in various development projects such us:

      • Airport Design
      • Road and Highway design
      • Land Division permissions
      • Bridge Design
      • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design


      • Project Management
      • Supervision
      • Value Engineering